Color selection for profiles

More and more customers choose windows and doors in colors other than standard white or wood-like. The growing interest in individual projects also involves a number of elements that we want to distinguish in our home or building. Following the latest trends, we meet their needs. In our offer, you will find a wide selection of window and door profiles in various colors. At the moment, laminated profiles have taken the lead over wooden joinery.

New generation of colors – Cool Colors

Cool Colors is a technology developed by Aluplast that focuses on reducing light absorption to reduce the tendency to heat up the foil. This modern technology was first used in the production of a new group of decorative foils for profiles called Life Like.

Life Like profile foils are a real breakthrough in the field of window lamination. The changed structure of the foil has had a perfect effect on increasing flexibility and eliminating the tendency to secondary shrinkage of the foil. As a result, the foil adheres even more precisely to the profile, does not peel off on narrow and sharp edges, and also much more easily drains water and natural contaminants from the surface of the profile.

The new generation laminated foils have been selected by masters of design, making them deceptively similar to natural wood. A wide range of colors allows you to choose the right shades according to the customer’s preferences. We also offer a foil in the color of brushed aluminum. After lamination, an incredibly realistic aluminum reproduction is obtained.