Sliding doors

The most common solution for a terrace or balcony are sliding doors. Their transparency and ease of use influence the comfort of using the outdoor space. We offer modern solutions for convenience and safety.

Advantages of using sliding doors:

  • space-saving,
  • ease of use,
  • possibility of introducing automatic solutions,
  • large glazed area provides appropriate interior lighting.

Our offered doors are characterized by good thermal insulation, stability, safety, and ease of use.

HST doors – lift-slide system

HST sliding doors are available in several different versions and allow for any arrangement of leaves and non-opening parts. The variety of construction is an undeniable advantage of this solution. This system is distinguished by excellent thermal insulation parameters and solid anti-burglary protection.

Such structures are intended for people who value modernity, functionality, and safety. There is also the possibility of making a construction without a threshold. The lower frame is recessed into the layers of the floor, which allows leveling its level with the floor.

HST doors are a product designed primarily for demanding investors. Demanding high-quality products to ultimately obtain a building completely in line with their functional expectations, and above all functional in terms of optimal use of living space and its independent shaping. HST doors can be described as a product offered by excellent and demanding manufacturers.

Types of HST door structures

HST balcony doors can be available in at least several different versions and arrangements of leaves and non-opening parts. The variety of designs is one of the undeniable advantages of this solution. Only functional needs and the imagination of the investor will decide whether we will open one, two, or even four leaves independently of each other in our balcony doors. Below are a few diagrams illustrating possible combinations of opening and non-opening parts in HST doors.

SF 80 doors

SF-80 sliding door systems offered by our company are an excellent alternative to standard balcony or terrace doors. The design allows you to save space under the window, and the mechanism used allows you to open any leaf. Multi-sliding allows adding additional parallel tracks, on which individual door leaves slide.

Such solutions allow the doors to slide one onto the other. Thanks to this, we have the opportunity to reveal a much larger terrace area.

Multi-sliding – glazing up to 33mm, the possibility of adding additional parallel tracks. Several leaves placed on separate tracks slide onto each other after opening, revealing a large window opening. Also useful for building balcony doors.

Types of SF-80 door structures

Patio doors, PSK, sliding PSK

These types of constructions are built using standard window profiles. The sliding of the door panels is possible thanks to the use of a special hardware mechanism. After turning the handle from the closed position, the panel extends into the room, perpendicular to the window plane, and then slides to the side. The doors also have a tilt function for the panels. PSK sliding doors come in three basic opening variants:

Aluplast Smart-Slide sliding doors

Smart-Slide sliding doors are a new generation of patio doors characterized by excellent technical properties and ease of use. They are an alternative to PSK/PATIO type patio doors. They are a great solution for both single-family homes and public utility buildings, where ease of use and reliability are expected. The well-thought-out combination of technical solutions allows Smart-Slide to achieve very good results in terms of air permeability, wind resistance, and water tightness. All of this is achieved thanks to appropriately fitted seals around the panel, which, when the handle is turned, are pressed transversely to the frame around the entire circumference. The locking points in the column area also ensure high sealing efficiency.

Advantages of Smart-Slide sliding doors:

  • High construction tightness
  • Ease of use
  • Stability and the possibility of creating large constructions
  • Space-saving
  • Wide range of colors available