Arched windows and fanlights

Arched windows give buildings a unique style and elegance, and are a nod to traditional property design. Our company specializes in the production of fanlights, which are a so-called imitation of an arch. The offer of arched windows is mainly directed at people looking for unique solutions in traditional home finishing elements. Such products are particularly popular in Western markets.

The direction and size of the arch are tailored to individual orders. The project must be properly developed and precisely measured in relation to the shape and size of the door or window. Proper window measurement is no small challenge and can lead to incorrect functioning, so leave it to us. Our specialists will take care of everything. We guarantee the highest quality and satisfaction with the result obtained.

Windows are a true decoration of a home, so it is worth opting for a basic construction enriched with unique additions. Matching window bars, also known as muntins, will be perfect for arched windows, giving them elegance and style.

The advantage of our company is the possibility of producing fanlights. A fanlight is an arch imitation, targeted at people looking for unique solutions in building and finishing their homes. This product is especially specialized for Western markets.